Can I order a gem necklace with silver components?

Yes you can! Every order is hand made for you. Please send us an email with your wishes.

What’s the difference between 14k gold and 9k?

They are different alloys. Gold by itself is a soft metal and needs to be mixed with other, harder metals to be made into a good piece of jewelry. 14k has a higher percentage of gold than 9k. That’s why 14k gold comes with a higher price tag. In The Netherlands the minimum legal requirement for gold is 14k. In other countries, like England and Germany, 9k gold is a much more commonly used alloy. Because of the hardness of 9k gold, it is less likely to scratch and that makes it a very durable product. We like to use both to offer you beautiful and durable products for a modest price. 

Is your collection of necklaces always changing? 

Our necklaces are made of (semi-)precious stones. We love hunting for beautiful strands and stones to work with. Unfortunately sometimes in (very) limited quantity, but this is what we love to do and what we like to offer to our customers. Handmade pieces with a uniqueness to them!

How does the corona crisis affect your jewelry business?

We definitely didn’t see this coming when we started planning our launch two months ago. Nothing is predictable anymore and this is forcing us to stay close to ourselves and our business. Everything is hand-made with love for you. If for any (corona-related) reason, our delivery time is a bit longer, we will inform you right away and hope for your understanding.